About Me

Generally, my work is multifaceted. It pulls from a myriad of fields, interests, theories, and influences. Specialization – being a subcategory of the professional class (i.e. the peons of the technocratic labor obsession) – is antithetical to what I’m doing here.

As concrete terms go, you can refer to me as an “essayist,” “critic,” “reviewer,” and the catch-all identification of “writer.” Although terms are helpful for easy reference, I prefer to conceive of my work as focusing on the intersection of deconstruction, cultural mythology, imperfect iconoclasm, and the coupling of theory with action.

This site is a glorified dumpster for all of my writing, and other various projects. Curation does not exist here. Nor is this a “blog” (whatever that means anymore). This is a portfolio, but also a platform, for original and previously published pieces alike (and god knows what else).

Everything is easily accessible, so if you want to read more of my work, support me, read my newsletter, get a sense of my style, or just browse…you can.