An Inter(erupt)ion in the Transmission

The cruelty is the point.

I’d rather be fragile than forever alone.

How can we survive (there’s no antidote for time)

Trapped in externally and internally enforced panopticons, we lose the will to live with eyes open. Pain is so normal that we’ve justified our own mutilations. Pain is power. Pain is the truth. Pain is our mission. Pain is love. Pain is duty. Pain is honor. Pain is loyalty. Pain is responsibility. Pain is a lie…

Not only have we inherited the war, we’ve internalized our own meaningless sacrificial lambs. Sent to the slaughter.

Limitations, sold as empowerment. Suffering, sold as pleasure. Mind-killing, sold as success. Paranoia, sold as self-awareness.

Hatred, backed by a set of ethics of liberation, is considered a disease by the technocratic gods. God never died, it just infected humanity and multiplied.

[g] [o] [d] is a (debilitating) virus (we’ve all been made god; a limitless prison of our own perverted expectations).

Love, backed by a set of ethics of liberation (reinforced with hate), will push anyone to the brink of insanity (antithetical to the system / a war against the privileged other / to be insane is to be at war with your internal god).

I can’t wait – we can’t wait for our gods’ death.

Religion, spirituality, piousness, the lot of it all is irrelevant when we are the cause of our own suffering. Beings against beings. We justify our own deaths (for the hands of pecuniary accumulation).

Now that everything is an idol, we’ve become idols.

(why do I hurt my body)

Society lives on a paradox where we simultaneously have no hope, and are our only hope.

(another panopticon)

Hope is a curse (casualties of endless war). It deflects actualization. It dismisses the moment of action for some erotic savior fantasy. We simultaneously want to be saved and ravaged by the same archetype (false gods).

Our greatest terrors are marketed as our finest moments. We bank on our suffering, invest in it, and advertise it. Everything is marketable, even the worst of what can happen to a person. We fight over the scraps of suffering. Hierarchies of pain create justifications of pain.

Agnostic in that, fantasy doesn’t matter. It won’t save you (complicit) from me (insane). God, gods, demons, angels, the sun, the moon, the fuckin’ earth…it won’t fuckin’ save you from what we have in store for you (complicit).

Love and hate are not opposites. They’re comrades till death (do us part).

Materialism mocks us.

The grifters and prophets alike laugh as they fleece pennies off your ignorant backs. Saviors are liars. Heroes are rapists. Sacrifice is a joke. Refuse to hear what they say (shut their mouths).

(love) by any means necessary.

(hate) by any means necessary.

Become ungovernable. Become insane (to a society that deems suffering as a virtue and a deserving sin).

How are we deserving of suffering when we were never given anything to begin with (scraps)?

“I am so happy I couldn’t give a shit about being free!”

“Have you heard about the latest [insert trend that will die in a year]?”

*as you look on a houseless camp* “they deserved it. Anyone can move up ahead in life if they just try hard enough.”

*laughs in a sick fucked up way that signals imminent doom* then try to run from me, you complicit fool.

The platitudes, mottos, phrases, words, rhetoric, mindsets, and fuckin’ glances of these asswipes turn into a dark comedy once you make it real for them. Victim blamers get what comes their way.

I want them to fear our existence. Liberation is a grim reaper coming for the throats of the sane.

Revolution is never-ending.

Never settle (yourself).

How people can torture, maim, kill, exploit, and abuse others just for the pleasure of a power trip is beyond me. I’m not the weird one here. I don’t need help. No one needs help. They need liberation. You’re sick! So fuckin’ sick!…I’d cry if I thought I was worthy of it. I’ll cry when it’s over. Cry for a new future (or settle for one less bully). Love, but also hate. Love because the people around you are worth more than any inanimate object. Everything could burn down around us but we’d still have each other. Everything should burn down around us. We’ll always survive. (I’m rambling…)…[O] [B] [E] [Y]…slhgoigan;oihgoi….ugh…fuck…what the hell?….hopeiskillingmealoneinaroomofmyownprisonsaveyourself…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………save others, not yourself.FUCK!

*signal dies out*

*eternal silence*

Narrator’s voice: “sorry for that interruption. Seems like we have an outage, or some kind of glitch. Nothing to worry about, folks. Glad to have you with us. *laughs* We’re always glad to know that there are some people who want to be instructed.”

"Now this might strike some viewers as harsh, but I believe everyone involved in this story should die."
“Now this might strike some viewers as harsh, but I believe everyone involved in this story should die.”